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We offer a variety of products made by families that have worked for generations with different kinds of wood, on looms and with nature derived materials. These artists create beautiful functional and decorative pieces of strikingly vibrant colors and unique designs.


Every piece gives evidence of the knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. and has survived Venezuela's humanitarian crisis.

By buying one of our pieces you will help them keep their livelihood and support the continuity of their art for the next generation.

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Our Products


Cotton Fiber products manufactured with manual weaving techniques: Hammocks, rugs, table runners, placemats.



Hand carved in Saman,Teak and Cuji, featuring unique

designs that combine beauty and practicality: Trays, bowls, spoons, pestle and mortar



Decorative pieces based on Venezuelan indigenous Petroglyphes and abstract themes. Unique combinations of color and form will enhance any space in your home.




Venezuela is going through a severe humanitarian crisis. In Venezuelan ArtisanWare we want to help. That's why we are bringing these products to foreign buyers. But we want to go beyond and will donate 10% of our profits to NGO's currently working to help Venezuelans.

With your purchase you will help us to provide medicine and food for those in need. Thank you!

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Send an email if you are interested in reselling our products in your store or want to buy individual pieces for your own use.