Get to know some of the artist behind the pieces brought to you by Venezuelan ArtisanWare

Fabric Artisan - Elis Raúl Mendoza

Elis Raúl Mendoza is a weaver. For five generations, his family have

specialized in the art of producing textiles. “My grandfather, Juan Evangelista Torrealba, started the tradition. He was the very first weaver of Tintorero”.

Elis’s family are natives of the Tintorero artisan community in the state of Lara, Venezuela. Elis’ parents, Lino and Marcolina Mendoza, were local

weaver pioneers. They had 9 children and four of them are now working on the looms.

Since 1922, Elis’s family has been working with wool from the sheep that were bred and raised at home, but later on started using cotton fiber from the fields of Portuguesa State, also in Venezuela.

The family’s workshop was also a training place for other people who were shown “how to do things properly”. “We have never been small-minded or selfish, we always shared our skills with others and that is the reason why many of of Tintorero’s workshops have their origin in Marcolina’s place”, says Elis with pride.

“Our warranty is in the sacrifice of sweat and hard work”. More than twenty different products are manufactured on the looms of our workshop. where in their shop and workshop the Mendoza children and grandchildren continue the legacy bequeathed by their parents, and are considered the best known and famous artisan workshop of the region.

Wood Artisan - Argenis Morillo

Argenis Morillo fell in love with the wood and with the Venezuelan State of Lara. When you arrive to his house, you will find the carver concentrated on his work, authentic carvings that give evidence of his dedication and efforts.

He lives in El Canape with his family and for more than 33 years has been dedicated to carving, shaping and transforming pieces of the locally grown Saman tree (or Raintree) which is highly valued for carvings and furniture due to its light weight, hardness and durability.

He also uses teak wood for its bronze like coloring and high resistance, as well as Cuji wood that is very appreciated for its hardness, endurance and beautiful coffee brown color with its dark thin lines.

Argenis learned to work with wood at the Artisan Centre Los Chalets where his godfather Julio Vergara introduced him to what would later allow him to make a living. He founded the workshop Artesanias Bety and this became his way of life: to create functional pieces from the most noble material, wood. He loves to make rice and soup bowls, BBQ trays, whole sets of plates, serving spoons and much more.

His unpretentious workshop contains great quantity of wood, tools and an electric lathe on which he manufactures most of his pieces, however the real value of each of these pieces comes from the skill of his hands, the precision of his fingers and his undeniable artistic vision. Each one of his pieces is unique and reveals the history and the devotion of a humble artisan and his efforts to only deliver the very best of his art.

The Morillo family owns a shop in Tintorero under the management of

Argenis’s wife Bety. There they exhibit and sell their products. His remarkable carvings have been exhibited in Panama, Puerto Rico and Colombia with great acceptance by consumers.

Thanks to Venezuelan ArtisanWare you will now be able to enjoy these

excellent pieces of utilitarian or decorative use.

Painter Artisan - Carlos y Esmeralda Pulido

Carlos Pulido is dedicated to create art pieces with references to the Venezuelan Petroglyphes:“ a form of communication of the original native tribes of the area”.

His passion started when he and his wife wanted to decorate their house in a different way and decided to create decorative paintings themselves.”

Carlos’ wife, Esmeralda Sanchez de Pulido, and their children wanted to take part in the elaboration of these colorful pieces. “This was a very interesting project since it involved our family. Everytime we do some work, we do it together which allows our children to learn the value and importance of work.”

The Pulido family, like all the venezuelan artisans, is very attentive to the details. “We care very much about our pieces, they have to be sanded, to get their foundation, then the base is painted. Afterwards the forms and figures are designed and final carvings are completed.

There are no two equal pieces, each one is unique. The pieces are made with high quality paint, oil, acrylics along with the technique of brush strokes, pointillism as well as sponges, in order to achieve the uniqueness to each painting.

Thanks to the variety of colors and unique designs, these paintings are a great addition to any decoration and surrounding.